The Future of Digital Assets: Is Google Your Next Estate Planner?

May 1, 2013
Jamie Hopkins

Wake up. Brush teeth. Check e-mail. Internet usage is a daily activity for almost 90% of the U.S. Internet users check their personal e-mail roughly 34 times per day. To give some perspective, the average American brushes their hair roughly 4 times per week, brushes their teeth 1.1 times per day, and only 20% of the population exercises daily.

Be an Expert in Retirement Income Planning

Of our panel of 301 RICP® designation holders, 154 responded to our survey about the value of earning the designation. Of that group, 131 (85.1%) were advisors and 23 (14.9%) held other roles related to retirement income planning. Notably, almost everyone (99.2%) thought that the designation had made them better at their job and that the industry would benefit from more advisors earning an RICP® designation (98.2%). Most advisors also indicated that the program changed the way they do retirement income planning.