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Our expert faculty are frequent contributors to consumer-based media as well as to more scholarly academic publications. Keep current with recent developments in the retirement income planning field and check out the latest articles from the thought leaders who are part of the The American College New York Life Center for Retirement Income.

Where Retirees Underestimate Spending

April 18, 2018
Neal Templin

Navigating retirement can be difficult for lots of reasons. One of the biggest is that it forces people to make plans based on spending assumptions that won’t become a reality for decades.

SEC Looks At New Fiduciary Rule For Brokers

April 17, 2018
Paul Katzeff

Undeterred by the mid-March ruling by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals squashing the Department of Labor's 2016 fiduciary rule, the Securities and Exchange Commission plans to kick off the public portion of its consideration of a fiduciary rule on Wednesday.

SEC Advice Proposal Unveiling: Here's What to Expect

April 17, 2018
Mark Schoeff Jr.

After many years of study and internal debate, the Securities and Exchange Commission is set to make a momentous advance Wednesday in setting investment advice standards.

Ahead of Wednesday Meeting, Stage Set for Fiduciary Jurisdiction Test Between DOL and SEC

April 16, 2018
John Manganaro

Jamie Hopkins, Retirement Income Program Co-Director at the American College of Financial Services, also shared some commentary with PLANADVISER ahead of the SEC’s meeting this week. On Hopkins’ analysis, it appears “very likely” that the SEC will vote on Wednesday the 18th to release a specific new conflict of interest proposal.

Consumer Affairs Offers Interesting Crypto IRA Guide

April 13, 2018

Bitcoin is a digital asset that functions similarly to physical currency. Instead of using banks to back the funds, however, Bitcoin uses cryptography to manage its worth. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency’s popularity has made it a popular IRA investment.

Long-Term Care Planning Misconceptions Are Holding Back Advisors And Consumers

April 11, 2018
Jamie Hopkins

A recent webinar conducted for National Retirement Planning Week with experts from Lincoln Financial, the Insured Retirement Institute, and The American College of Financial Services looked at the importance of engaging in long-term care planning as part of designing a secure retirement plan.

One Thing Advisors Wish 401k Savers Knew About Retirement

April 11, 2018
Jessa Claeys

401k plan participants are generally clueless about the amount of money they’ll need to retire comfortably, and advisors want to fill them in. In a recent poll by The American College of Financial Services, advisors were asked what one thing they wish clients understood better about planning for the cost of retirement.

The American College Finds Comprehensive Retirement Planning is Improving Confidence, Security

April 11, 2018

This year, The American College of Financial Services reached a total of 5,000 advisors who have earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation since its launch. The milestone underscores The American College's understanding of the need for comprehensive, targeted knowledge to support Americans faced with the challenge of retirement income planning.

Simple Strategy to Spend Safely in Retirement

April 9, 2018
Eleanor Laise

Retirement-income strategies are big business. Financial advisers and online advice services will help you transform your savings into a steady retirement paycheck—for a fee. Some mutual funds also promise to deliver a stream of retirement income—for a fee.

Finance Professor Urges Retirees Not to Ignore Reverse Mortgages

April 8, 2018
Alex Spanko

Early in his new book on retirement strategies, financial planner and professor Jamie Hopkins introduces the idea of reverse mortgages as a potential part of long-term retirement planning — and he quickly anticipates the potential backlash.