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Our expert faculty are frequent contributors to consumer-based media as well as to more scholarly academic publications. Keep current with recent developments in the retirement income planning field and check out the latest articles from the thought leaders who are part of the The American College New York Life Center for Retirement Income.

401(k) Rollover Considerations

February 5, 2017

A recent survey report released by The American College of Financial Services provides some useful insight into client behavior during a rollover,” writes Jamie Hopkins. “The ‘Defined Contribution Rollover Survey’ asked recent retirees who retired with at least $75,000 in their last employer’s 401(k) plan about what they did with their savings upon retirement.”

Postelection, Financial Advisers, Retirees Feeling Both Fretful and Optimistic

January 30, 2017
Erin Arvedlund

Financial advisers, have you and your retired clients been fretful since President Trump's election, or are you encouraged and optimistic about the future? If the answer is both, you've got plenty of company.

Holy Dow 20K and President Trump: What it Means for Your Retirement

January 27, 2017
Casey Dowd

The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the psychological 20,000 mark on Wednesday for the first time, just days into President Trump’s first week in office. The first 100 days of a new administration have often seen Wall Street gains, but continued market strength depends on what our new president can accomplish in the next few months.

Steps 49% Of Financial Advisors Are Urging Clients To Take As Trump Takes Office

January 23, 2017
Paul Katzeff

Financial advisors' retired clients worry that this new president and congress may hurt their retirement security. Are they right? The findings are in a new poll of financial advisors who specialize in retirement income, by the American College of Financial Services.

It’s Not Just Dems Worrying About Trump. Retirement Financial Advisers are, too

January 20, 2017
Ana Veciana-Suarez

It’s not just the Democrats who are wringing their hands over Donald Trump's move into the White House Friday. More retirement and pre-retirement investors are growing anxious about their financial security as a new, untested administration settles in.

Retirement Security Concerns Rise Post-Election

January 19, 2017

As President-Elect Donald Trump prepares to enter the White House in only a few short days, investors are expressing a degree of apprehension and concern over what might lay ahead and how potential policy changes could impact their retirement.

President-Elect Trump Is Already Impacting Retirees

January 19, 2017
Jamie Hopkins

With President-elect Donald Trump getting ready to take office and the stock market reaching all-time highs, how are retirees and financial advisors feeling about 2017? The American College of Financial Services released a 2017 survey that focused on how the election and all-time market highs are impacting consumers and retirement income planning.

All Eyes On Potential Washington Policy Reforms

January 19, 2017
John Manganaro

A new survey by the American College of Financial Services shows health care and Social Security are among the top concerns of investors; many of them are eyeing Washington warily.

Retirement Planning is More Important Than Ever

October 7, 2016

2016 has brought an unprecedented level of uncertainty to retirement planning and with it many questions for consumers about what to do and where to turn. In the same year, The American College of Financial Services reached a total of 13,000 students enrolled in the RICP® program since its launch – a 65% increase from 2013.

More Than Ever, Clients Want Help With Retirement Income Planning

October 7, 2016
Rebecca Moore

The American College polled a panel of its Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation holders about client interests and behaviors and found that 80% of advisers said their clients are asking more questions about retirement income planning today than three years ago.