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Our expert faculty are frequent contributors to consumer-based media as well as to more scholarly academic publications. Keep current with recent developments in the retirement income planning field and check out the latest articles from the thought leaders who are part of the The American College New York Life Center for Retirement Income.

Industry Groups Slam Trump, Acosta for DOL Fiduciary Rule Flop

May 24, 2017
John Manganaro

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has confirmed that it will not seek to further delay the June 9, 2017, applicability date of the new fiduciary rule defining investment advice and establishing the best interest contract exemption (BICE) and other related exemptions under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

RIAs and Broker-Dealers Charge Ahead in Prep for DOL Fiduciary Rule

May 23, 2017
Bruce Kelly
Liz Skinner

Indeed, it looks to be business as usual for registered investment advisers, although some firm heads discussed this morning the need to be even more vigilant with respect to record-keeping, especially with individual retirement accounts, to be able to show they're acting in clients' best interests.

DOL Rule Is Seismic Shift For Advisors

May 23, 2017
Karen Demasters

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta’s announcement that the new fiduciary rule will go into effect June 9 as planned will dramatically impact the lives of financial advisors who deal with retirement plans, according to advisors, lawyers and consultants.

Retirement Literacy Continues to Lag Among Older Employees

May 23, 2017
Paula Aven Gladych

Retirement planning literacy remains low, even among older, wealthier people with good educations who say they know a lot about retirement planning, according to the 2017 RICP Retirement Income Literacy Survey Report produced by The American College New York Life Center for Retirement Income.

Labor Secretary Acosta Concedes Fiduciary Rule Cannot Be Legally Stopped Before June 9th

May 23, 2017
Jamie Hopkins

It looks like the wait is finally over as Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta stated in an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal today that the Department of Labor has “found no principled legal basis to change the June 9 date.”

Most Failed the Retirement Quiz, But Here’s How to Pass

May 21, 2017
Sheryl Nance-Nash

If you’re lucky, you will get old. What then? Apparently too few people are asking the question and even fewer have answers. The new RICP Retirement Income Literacy Survey from the American College of Financial Services found three in four retirement-age Americans fail a quiz on how to make their nest eggs last throughout retirement.

Annuities in Retirement Income Planning

May 19, 2017
David Littell

In this series of interviews, we talk with retirement income expert Curtis Cloke about using income annuities in a retirement income plan. The conversations include a discussion of the role of income annuities in retirement income planning, how Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) fit into planning, and more.

New Survey Shows Retirees Want to Stay in Their Homes

May 19, 2017

An overwhelming number of people nearing or in retirement want to remain in their current home as long as possible, according to the results of a new survey released by The American College of Financial Services. The Home Equity and Retirement Income Planning Survey found that 83 percent of the respondents do not want to relocate in retirement.

Wary Borrowers Avoiding Reverse Mortgage Market

May 18, 2017
Phil Hall

In May 2016, the American College of Financial Services released the results of a reverse mortgage survey. Only 14 percent of respondents said they considered pursuing this loan, while just one respondent reported to having a reverse mortgage.

Boomers Aren’t Ready for Retirement

May 17, 2017
Dori Zinn

Most Americans believe they are financially prepared for retirement, according to a survey from The American College of Financial Services. As more baby boomers hit retirement age, the survey shows they don’t know as much as they think they do when it comes to finances in the golden years.