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Our expert faculty are frequent contributors to consumer-based media as well as to more scholarly academic publications. Keep current with recent developments in the retirement income planning field and check out the latest articles from the thought leaders who are part of the The American College New York Life Center for Retirement Income.

529 Plan Drawbacks Could Lower the Amount Allocated for College Tuition

August 3, 2015
Ellen Chang

Saving for college tuition has evolved into an urgent course of action for many parents as costs have risen sharply. Mounting student loan debt totals, after all, are no secret. And though proactive parents have traditionally turned to investing money in 529 plans to strategize for their children's education, many of these plans may not generate enough income.

3 Ways to Outsmart Uncle Sam

July 28, 2015
Jennie L. Phipps

Creating retirement security isn't easy, even for 61-year-old financial planning expert David Littell. Littell is looking forward to a long life. His father is 103 and was recently kicked out of Medicare's hospice program because he recovered from an ailment and Medicare considered him too healthy to qualify for hospice care.

Social Security Is Under Fire But It Is Here to Stay

July 26, 2015
Jamie Hopkins

For the past few years, the Annual Social Security Trustee Report has effectively served as a yearly reminder to the American public of the grave funding issues threatening the solvency of the most important retirement income vehicle in the United States.

Social Security Is Here to Stay, and Advisors Are Studying Up

July 23, 2015
Joyce Hanson

Long live Social Security. That’s the message from Social Security’s trustees in their annual report released this week, saying the federal program is in better shape than last year, and they’re supported in that message by financial advisors who routinely use Social Security as part of their retirement income planning for clients.

Skills Credentials Proliferate, Causing Headaches for HR

July 16, 2015
Steve Bates

New credentials designed to demonstrate mastery of job-related skills are growing rapidly, prompting confusion among recruiters and students. Spurred in part by the explosion of low-cost and free online learning opportunities, the trend represents the democratization of credentialing.

Best and Worst States To Live In When Preparing For Retirement

July 14, 2015
Jamie Hopkins

The LPL Research Retirement Index ranked U.S. states on their attractiveness for pre-retirees as they save and prepare for the challenges ahead in retirement. According to David Reich, this new index is important because most other retirement indexes examine how people are doing in retirement as opposed to looking at those people saving for retirement.

Determining a Realistic Retirement Figure for Gen X and Millennials

July 8, 2015
Ellen Chang

Calculating a realistic figure on how much Gen X-ers and Millennials need to save for their retirement can be an unnerving task. Many financial advisors recommend saving at least $1 million since life spans are increasing, but even half of that amount appears to be daunting and unattainable for many people.

6 Ways to Ramp Up Retirement Savings by Boosting Your 401(k)

July 7, 2015

Retirement is likely the last thing on Millennials’ minds as they embark on their first career trajectory, yet saving early through a 401(k) plan yields great returns in the long-run. These six tips will help build and create a plan to maximize your retirement goal even if you have already started socking away your hard-earned money.

How Advisers Can Get Gen Yers to Take Some Risk

July 6, 2015
Jamie Hopkins

Generation Y (age 18-34) is concerned about the future of Social Security and has a strong desire for other sources of guaranteed income to provide secure monthly income in retirement. That's according to a new study released by TIAA-CREF that included 7 questions on retirement. The survey polled roughly 1,000 respondents age 18 and older.

Proposal Highlights Need for Retirement Income Education

July 1, 2015
Jamie Hopkins
David Littell

The reintroduction of the Department of Labor’s proposed changes to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act’s (ERISAs) fiduciary rules illuminated a variety of challenges ahead for retirement planning professionals. The proposed rule changes were reintroduced in April after a five-year hiatus.