Video Library

Our Video Library contains more than 300 video interviews with many of the nation's leading retirement income experts on a broad range of topics. To get acquainted with the basics of retirement income planning, start with the Retirement Income 101 Playlist, a collection of nine short videos. To get a sense of the scope of the issues that need to be addressed, go to the retirement risks and retirement statistics topics. Then move on to the retirement income strategies topic to understand the range of solutions that are available.


Retirement Income Certified Professional®

The Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) is an advanced designation appropriate for individuals working in the retirement income planning field and for those with a general background in financial services. Many professionals who hold other designations and work with clients on retirement income planning will want to pursue this valuable education.

While many advisors are experts at wealth accumulation, there is an urgent demand for practical ways to structure effective retirement income plans. The risks clients face—economic and market uncertainty, inflation, outliving available income, changes in social safety nets, and rapidly escalating healthcare costs—mean financial professionals need all the latest thinking and techniques to serve their clients’ changing needs.


Retirement Income Planning Resource Guide

A comprehensive list of links to organizations, research, and other resources relevant to financial advisors working in the area of retirement income planning.


Resources for Seniors

A comprehensive guide for financial advisors working with older clients that provides easy access to organizations and research, as well as resources and services available to seniors.


6 Ways to Use Life Insurance

Experts suggest using life insurance strategically as part of a comprehensive retirement plan. Here are 6 ways to do that.