May 19, 2017
David Littell

In this series of interviews, we talk with retirement income expert Curtis Cloke about using income annuities in a retirement income plan. The conversations include a discussion of the role of income annuities in retirement income planning, how Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs) fit into planning, the state of the deferred income annuity marketplace, and understanding the value in purchasing deferred income.

In “The Case for Income Annuities in a Retirement Income Plan,” Jamie Hopkins and Curtis Cloke discuss the role of income annuities in a retirement income plan. In “Using QLACs in Retirement Income Planning,” Curtis Cloke discusses the benefits of using QLACs inside of an IRA account. He sees two key reasons to consider a QLAC. In “Current State of Deferred Income Annuity Products,” Curtis Cloke discusses the deferred income annuity market today. He reviews the cost of buying income and recent product developments. In “Illustrating the Financial Advantage of the Deferred Income Annuity,” Curtis Cloke demonstrates why a client may want to lock into a deferred income annuity versus investing for a period of time then annuitizing later.

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