April 21, 2017
David Littell

In these videos, Anna Rappaport discusses choosing care options for seniors from both a personal and professional perspective. On the personal side, she had found it frustrating finding information on choosing the right care option when she was trying to find information for family and friends. On the professional side, Anna is an actuary and the Chairperson of the Society of Actuaries’ Committee on Post-Retirement Needs and Risks – and brings her skills to the table when researching and evaluating care options.

The first video, “Before Choosing a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community),” focuses on some of the hidden concerns to examine before an individual decides to make what can be a lifetime commitment to a continuing care retirement community. In the second video, “Choosing the Right Care Facility,” Anna discusses choosing between independent living, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. She puts a face to this discussion by talking about the series of decisions her mother faced over time as she continued to need more care.

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