June 2, 2017
David Littell

Consumer studies continue to identify health care and long-term care costs as top concerns. Advisors helping clients prepare for retirement need to be able to help clients address these issues. In these videos, Jamie Hopkins and Kishon Pinckney interview Peter Stahl, one of the leading speakers on this subject.

In “Preparing for Retirement Health Care Costs,” Stahl provides an overview of the funding vehicles that can be used to fund retiree health care costs. In “Utilizing Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) in Retirement Planning,” we dive deeper into the use of HSAs. Stahl describes who can maintain an HSA, the tax implications, and how they can be helpful in retirement planning. The video “Custodial Planning with Hybrid Long-Term Care Products” provides an overview of the hybrid long-term care products that are being used today to fund custodial care. If you haven’t noticed, these have become the dominant player in the long-term care insurance market.

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