June 30, 2017
David Littell

One of the goals of the New York Life Center for Retirement Income is to share some of the latest research in the field of retirement income planning. In a recent interview with the prolific researcher David Blanchett, who will soon join The College as an Adjunct Professor of Wealth Management, we discuss two important research areas: whether or not to change asset allocation with age, and the importance of making dynamic withdrawal and annuitization decisions.

In the video “The Case for Decreasing Equity Glide Path Through Retirement,” Blanchett shares his view on this topic. Before discussing the average case, he’s careful to point out that selecting the appropriate glide path depends upon the goals, objectives, and risk tolerance characteristics of the client. In the video “The Case for Making Dynamic Withdrawal and Annuitization Decisions Throughout Retirement,” Blanchett discusses his paper called “Dynamic Choice and Optimal Annuitization,” which was published in the Journal of Retirement. Blanchett makes the case that “dynamic” strategies in which annuitization and withdrawal amount decisions are revisited throughout retirement may have the potential to provide greater benefits to retirees than “static” strategies.

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