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Our expert faculty are frequent contributors to consumer-based media as well as to more scholarly academic publications. Keep current with recent developments in the retirement income planning field and check out the latest articles from the thought leaders who are part of the the American College Center for Retirement Income.

Finance of America Reverse Introduces First-Ever Second-Lien Reverse Mortgage

September 25, 2018
Jessica Guerin

Finance of America Reverse released a new version of its proprietary reverse mortgage product, unveiling the HomeSafe Second – the first jumbo reverse mortgage to allow homeowners to retain an existing mortgage lien.

The American College Honors 2018 Millennial Financial Services Professional Award Winners

September 24, 2018

The American College of Financial Services has announced the winners of its third annual Millennial Financial Services Professional Award, given to a select group of individuals who have made a significant impact in their profession.

True or False: Test Yourself on Social Security Claiming Strategies

September 24, 2018

Many Americans have nothing saved for retirement and instead rely heavily on their Social Security benefits. In fact, Social Security is the primary source of income for about 60% of retirees and is the only source of income for about one-third of retirees.

Interview with Jamie Hopkins: Mortgage Payments

September 16, 2018
Rosemary Connors

Professor Jamie Hopkins discusses what to do if your mortgage payment goes up on NBC 10.

Should I Trade My Retirement Account?

September 14, 2018
Christopher Sonzogni

While many Americans aren’t quite certain how much they need to save for retirement, Investopedia users buck the trend. In a survey of the site’s users, respondents who had a tax-advantaged retirement account, such as a 401(k) or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) were likely to check their account balances regularly.

5 Ways to Protect Your Savings if Stock Prices Fall

September 14, 2018
Carla Fried

The stock market celebrated a big milestone last month, as the climb in share prices that began after the financial crisis officially became the longest bull market in U.S. history. That’s nine straight years of gains without a 20% drop along the way—more than twice as long as the typical bull run.

Ohio National To Exit Annuity Industry

September 13, 2018
Rachel Summit

One of the nation's top sellers of variable annuities has exited the business, confirming what many experts have been claiming in recent years: the variable annuity market is very challenging. Ohio National Financial Services Inc., has laid off 300 employees in the wake of the change.

Why Merrill Lynch Still Excludes Commission-Based Annuities from IRA Accounts

September 12, 2018
Alex Padalka

Following a recent reversal on its prohibition of commission-based products in individual retirement accounts, Merrill Lynch nonetheless kept commission-based annuities out of IRA options, InvestmentNews writes.

Merrill Lynch Takes Two Avenues with Annuity Commissions

September 10, 2018
Greg Iacurci

When Merrill Lynch recently decided to reverse its ban on commissions in individual retirement accounts, it did so for all products with one exception: annuities.

A Decade After the Financial Crisis, this Retirement Dilemma Still Hasn't Been Solved

September 10, 2018
Lorie Konish

When it comes to how individual investors have fared since the financial crisis, it's still largely a tale of the haves and have-nots. To see evidence of this, look no further than where individuals are when it comes to the biggest financial goal of all: retirement.