Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The purpose of this research is to identify financial service professionals’ primary ethical concerns in retirement income planning, gauge how financial service professionals view the industry’s current ethical challenges, and understand how ethical practices can be improved in retirement income planning.

The study consisted of two related research phases. The first phase consisted of an online survey that asked respondents to answer a series of rank-choice questions related to ethical concerns in retirement income planning. The second phase consisted of soliciting volunteers at the end of the survey to gather more specific clarification on a number of ethical questions through telephone-based interviews. A total of 244 individuals returned complete surveys, and of that total, 31 individuals were interviewed.

View the report to see the top ethical concerns of retirement income professionals.


You can also watch an archive of the webinar hosted by Jamie Hopkins and Julie Ragatz that explains the study's background and results.


Read the Forbes article "Two Major Concerns Are Keeping Your Retirement Advisor Up At Night" written by Jamie Hopkins that talks about the study.