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Financial Literacy Awareness Can Greatly Improve

March 18, 2019
Steff Chalk

Financial literacy awareness programs’ impact on retirement savings patterns seems to be headed in a positive direction. Numerous studies on financial literacy awareness conclude that such education efforts do, indeed, have a significant impact on retirement preparedness.

Americans Overwhelmingly Lack Knowledge About This Key Financial Product

March 17, 2019
Maurie Backman

The scary part of retirement is not knowing whether your savings will last throughout your golden years. In fact, for many seniors, the fear of running out of money trumps that of actual death. That's why it pays to consider an annuity in the course of your financial planning for retirement.

10 of the Easiest, Most Effective Ways to Save for Retirement

February 28, 2019
Alessandra Malito

Almost 75% of Americans in retirement age failed a retirement literacy quiz, according to the American College of Financial Services, which interviewed 1,200 Americans between 60 and 75 who had at least $100,000 in household assets. Less than 1% earned an A and only 5% scored a B.

Test Your Annuity Acuity: An Advanced True/False Quiz

February 6, 2019
Jamie Hopkins

Despite wanting and needing more guaranteed income in retirement, many Americans are hesitant to purchase an annuity to provide that income. Some of this hesitancy is due to misconceptions around the products and how they can best be used to support a secure retirement.

Retirement is Coming. Are You Prepared?

December 19, 2018
Wayne Arnold

Recently, The American College of Financial Services surveyed Americans to find out what they know about retirement income. This was one of the most comprehensive surveys of retirement income literacy ever conducted. Most previous studies had focused on the accumulation period prior to retirement.